Katie Hayward Photography

Luminous Landscapes 11

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Printed onto the ultra-luxurious Fujiflex high gloss paper for that sleek, contemporary high-end look.  This silver halide paper is 100% PET meaning it will not rip or tear and is resistant against any discolouration for at least 100 years.  This paper has a high Dmax value ensuring extra intensity for blacks present within the image and has a warm base tone.  The high gloss surface accentuates the depth present within the image making it really pop.

Fujiflex is an archival paper that is used with the C-type printing process and is often regarded as a real photographic print as this uses light-sensitive technology to realise the image onto its surface rather than inkjet printing.

Mounted prints are professionally adhered to a 5mm black PVC Foamex substrate which is lightweight and gives excellent rigidity.

For the framed version of this artwork, the print is mounted onto a 5mm black Foamex PVC substrate and set into a matt black smooth finish box frame made from FSC Certified wood.  The print is set into a recess of 20mm setting it back a safe distance from the frame face for protection of the image surface.  There is a 7mm gap around the edge of the print and the frame face. 

Please note that there is no glazing with this frame owing to the super gloss finish of the print itself.  The mounted image is set into a recess behind the frame face to protect against accidental damage.